Stay connected and train with me wherever you are in the world.  If you travel alot or just wish to train in the comfort of your own home then online LIVE personal training is for you

Connect via video call and workout using your iPad, laptop or smart TV

  • Professional guidance

  • Accountability & motivation

  • Workouts designed specifically for you

  • Different workouts every day

  • Travel-Friendly

Schedule your weekly workouts and never miss one again. With today's technology, you are able to have your 1-hour personal training session from your home, holiday home or even your office


2x Training sessions per week, workouts structured specifically for you. Customised diet plan or flexible diet plan + weekly support

€480 every 4 weeks


3x Training sessions per week, workouts structured specifically for you. Customised diet plan or flexible diet plan + weekly support

€720 every 4 weeks


*Additional 1 hour training sessions available at €60 per session.


Please complete the form below. The more information provided the more I can customise the training to you.

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Professional Guidance - Verbal cues and corrections will be given to ensure you are performing each exercise with proper form and intent to ensure you are working the specific body part 
Workouts specifically for you - Workouts will be created specifically to your goals, your body, your injuries, and the workout equipment available to you
Workout VariationDifferent workouts, different exercises, and different routines every time
Accountability - Scheduling workouts have been proven to help stop you missing your workouts
Motivation - Just show up and complete the workout, leave me to do the rest and motivate you through it
Travel-Friendly - Train from your hotel room, apartment or home. No need to waste time locating gyms in every country you visit

If you are looking for a customised online program where you can follow on your own please click here.

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Results may vary from person to person and results are not guaranteed. As with any exercise program you get the rewards for the efforts you put in