More about me as a person

My passion is health and fitness. Mindfulness and meditation.

I love all sports. Mixed martial arts, yoga, football, basketball, boxing, calisthenics, gymnastics - I feel like I could list every physical activity and know that I enjoy it somehow.

Movement and meditation are my two biggest passions.  We only have two things - our thoughts and our body. Nothing else.

I have spent 12+ years building muscle, burning fat, increasing performance, maximising recovery and practicing calm, focused, goal-driven mindfulness.  I am grateful that all of this has lead me to become a very healthy individual - mentally and physically - even if this wasn't my goal at the time.

I help people from all backgrounds improve their health and wellbeing via movement, nutrition, and mind.   

Over the years I have acquired expertise, accumulative experience, and scientific backed knowledge. Using this I put together super-efficient fat burning, muscle building, and other fitness-oriented programs together to help individuals reach their ultimate goal.

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Results may vary from person to person and results are not guaranteed. As with any exercise program you get the rewards for the efforts you put in